Hannah Bevens

“ I am a studio artist, and I use my practice as a method of emotionally processing the events that have transpired throughout my life. I make work to understand the questions what have I done? and what has happened to me?

Through the act of emotional process and introspective learning by the method of making art, I am discussing the labor, care, language, and play that is imperative to that act. It is with great effort that one can explore the internal landscape.

Having had experience working with and being trained in fibers, textiles and costuming, performance and public engagement, sculpture, metals, glass, ceramics, woodworking, painting and drawing, and photography, the physical objecthood of my work draws upon this variety of mediums according to what the work needs, and ultimately, what it is I need to process.

I find this concept of need to be of the utmost importance.

It is because of the events that have transpired in my life, the details to the questions of what have I done? and what has happened to me?, that I have been brought to view the world through a philosophy of need. This is a survivor’s perspective and a survivor’s aesthetic. It is my goal, through the emotional process and introspective learning, to gain a sense of freedom— freedom from the constant state of survival.

With great effort, I can learn of what has happened, determine what I need, and have freedom.”

Website : www.hannahelizabethbevens.com


Posted on

May 9, 2022