The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation provides resources and support for artists, engages with community and sustains the legacy of the founding artists, Joan Beauregard and David Ellis.


The vision of the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation is to encourage, expand and sustain the courageous and imaginative dialogue that is fundamental to the arts. The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation celebrates the value of art to transcend cultures and engage with diverse communities. Through its programs, the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation supports the exploration of the common ground that art occupies, the way it engages people, and its ability to reveal our shared human experience.

The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation recognizes that we are in the homeland of the Wabanaki and that the places in which we live and work are part of Indigenous lands. We extend our respect and gratitude to the individuals and tribes of the Abenaki, Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy, and Penobscot Nations.

The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation is committed to fighting racism. We join the efforts of Black Lives Matter and other movements for racial justice and equity to be actively anti-racist. Because we understand that a sense of safety transforms the spirit, EBF shall make every effort to safeguard artists from prejudice, discrimination, or antagonistic behavior while in residence at the Foundation and in our community writ large. More specificially, EBF proposes the following: 

  • Educate ourselves, staff and board, regarding America’s long history of systemic racism and how we can bring those lessons to bear on the operations of our foundation.
  • Endeavor to create a board of directors that is reflective of Maine’s diverse communities. Recruit people of color, women and LGBTQI to our board of directors. 
  • Actively recruit diverse committees for the distribution of our awards.
  • Invite a broader discussion of systemic racism around how our foundation and our colleague foundations can provide a safe and productive situation for our residents while combating inherent bias.

The Ellis-Beauregard Foundation offers a variety of opportunities for artists including residencies, fellowships, and grants. To learn about our opportunities, click on the pertinent link in the menu. To get in touch, contact us in the form below.