I recently rediscovered art after a long hiatus and doing many other things career-wise. Starting again at a later stage in life, I feel like I have no time to waste, and I paint almost daily; but truthfully, I paint because I love it. Although I have been drawing my entire life and have formal education as an illustrator, painting is a new experience for me that was sparked by being gifted an easel 3 years ago. Inspiration for my paintings mostly comes from childhood memories, my imagination, and things that are important to me. Currently I’m working on a series of works that feature Martian-like characters in different scenarios and painted in bright, bold colors. I fill the backgrounds with things like planetary objects, favorite things like Coca-Cola, and words that come to mind while painting. The Martian evolved from my imaginary friend from childhood (a character who looks very much like The Great Gazoo from the Flintstones). That character helped me through many difficult times as a child. I’m a beekeeper, and often include flowers and little monsters in my work. Weaving all of these things together, my paintings become like this euphoric tapestry — an otherworldly and magical place that I dream to be in. I often start my paintings by working flat on the floor, layering paint, and then drawing and doodling directly on the canvas before I put it upright on stretcher bars or the wall. Thinking about my childhood bedroom, it was a place filled with imagination and fantasy, just like my current studio — it’s like I can go wherever I want when I’m in there.

Website : https://www.fannybart.com


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April 4, 2022