Anna Therese Witenberg

I am a dancer and choreographer. My work is concerned with interiority and landscape; I create the architecture of a particular emotion and carve it onto spaces. I am interested in making a kind of dance theater that unifies personal mythos and historical drama, weaving ghosts of the past and future into mysterious braids of geometry and expression.

Since being in Rockland, I have been working at the Breakwater; a near-mile-long jetty into the sea that extends into an extinquisite lighthouse. I am working with the image of Walter Benjamin’s Angelus Novus, or the angel of history. A gust of wind from paradise is violently propelling the angel into the future; the angel’s wings defiantly press against the future and in terror stares into the rubble of the past. Every day I walk the entire length of the jetty backwards and look at where I have come from. I am thinking about my body as the angel of the present moment. I am hoping to perform a duet at the Breakwater in the spring.

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May 1, 2023