Linda Austin

Linda Austin is a choreographer and performer based in Portland, Oregon. Her work deploys movement, sound, text, visuals, and objects to create non-linear, poetic works laced with an eccentric wit, teetering on the edge between the immediately apprehensible and resolutely mysterious. At EBF Linda is grateful to be working on the third mile of a long-form work titled “3 miles of possible,” in which she wanders among the poetic and practical associations of “the possible” in a world of fluctuating personal, material, political and artistic contingencies.Throughout she animates and travels a series of mapped spatial paths envisioned as giant drawings, sigils or runes. When completed, the trajectory will total three miles. It will invite interruptions and annotations that touch on utopian fictions, possible world theory, modal logics, and more.


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June 9, 2023