Christa Ebert

Musician and mixed media artist Christa Ebert performs as Uno Lady, a one-woman choir, and composes songs with her voice, nature sounds, and electronic tools. Using her four-octave singing range, she constructs sonic worlds with dream-like vocal layers and looping ethereal tones. Also as a video artist, she creates nature-inspired stop-motion music videos to accompany her compositions. Christa has recorded and produced six releases, including a mindfulness album and film series, GROUNDED. Her unique talent has been acknowledged with various awards, including residencies and fellowships with Ellis-Beauregard Foundation, Foundation House, SPACE’s Urgent Art Fund, Chateau Orquevaux, Creative Workforce Fellow, Akron Soul Train, and  Panza Foundation. Christa has her BA in Urban Studies and Masters of Public Administration from Cleveland State. She is passionate about helping people and the planet and has over a decade of professional organizing experience around environmental issues and with arts nonprofits. As a consultant, she supports nonprofits with a variety of programs, including organizing a street festival, triennial art event, and composing meditation music for a national school wellness program.

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June 27, 2022