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Brillhart’s paintings, installations, and photos are informed by her environment, both found and created. She is drawn to the material structure and function of the often overlooked. Compositions are created through a studio-based building and arranging routine using objects, the room/studio, and photographs. The content often references art-making, domesticity, architecture, and construction. And, the setups and paintings are made so the presence of gravity, time, and air can be seen, and maybe felt. By creating stilled moments through three-dimensional object placement, the commonly understood job of something is altered, offering possibilities and different functions. Physical space, light, time, and material are constant participants in the making and display.

The paintings derived from built set-ups, further consider composition and cropping and their subjects’ relationship to paint. The paint is sculptural as well; it’s anatomy in plain view. The narrative becomes material as well as what it illustrates.


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June 27, 2022