David Crowell

I am a composer and saxophonist whose work crosses stylistic boundaries, encompassing contemporary classical composition, improvisation, jazz, and experimental rock and pop. My artistic process varies piece by piece, from composing purely for acoustic instruments to the use of electronics and manipulations of originally sampled sound. Improvisation plays an important role in generating material, either to exist on its own terms or to be later developed in a more deliberate compositional manner.

The project I began at EBF is a large-scale commissioned work for Unheard-of//Ensemble (bass clarinet, violin, cello/voice, piano)  + electronics. Before arriving, I recorded short samples of each member performing little bits of music and then manipulated them through a process of granular synthesis, layering many sounds together and then sculpting and shaping them through extensive editing. This is combined in various ways with unprocessed music written directly for the instruments themselves. In this way, the electronics are always directly connected to the timbres and colors of the acoustic instruments.


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August 4, 2023