Annie Hayes

I believe in chance and chaos, both to start a painting, and as a desired end point, where there is no resolution provided by the work of referential elements. While my process is, on some levels, methodical and reliant on tools I’ve created from my drawings, at a certain stage I abandon these solutions in favor of the spontaneity of painting out, isolating, and eradicating. The visual results I achieve give me a sense of where I am, what window I’m looking through and what might be over there, away from me, but important to connect with. The meaning of the physical and emotional content rises to the surface as the intensification of the work develops over time. The content of a painting is a new alphabet, one that any viewer can interpret and use to visually enter the work and create their own stories or reconnect with their own non-literal memories.

I lived fulltime in upstate New York for thirty years, raised a family, and now live half the year upstate and the other half in lower Manhattan. I am a graphic designer of litigation graphics and websites. For many years I worked as a printmaker, making engravings and relief prints. As my painting practice has deepened in the past several years, I’ve been awarded three residencies for painting: The Vermont Studio Center, Anderson Ranch, and Ellis-Beauregard Foundation. I also make hand hooked rugs inspired by the 19th century. 

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February 1, 2023